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About JNG Eastern Man

The Journey

JNG a brand working as a pioneer in the textile industry since 1989, consisting of advanced european machines through which we achieve high quality and unique finishes along with vibrant colors in order to fulfill the desires of our loyal esteemed customers.

Raw materials & Gems

From 20/l to 200/2, the choice among the best yarns is critical and crucial prompting us to procure only the best and pure yarns in the world, both in quality and innovation .We use the best Egyptian cotton, including the Giza 86, Giza 87, Giza 88 and the Giza 92.

Weaving & the art of Creation

Weaving is an artistic process of constructing fabric and cultivating textures and we at JNG hold this very form of art proudly and close to our hearts. We use state of the art Air jet and Rapier looms in order to allow the uttermost level of complexity and variety.

Finishing & nurturing the Soul

If weaving is the heart of fabric then finishing must be its soul. The finishing process includes bleaching and mercerising, which can be considered as nurturing and commanding the fabric’s personality with sheen and shine. Many other procedures like raising, brushing or decatizing, vary for various fabric and its textural personalities to improve its appearance, touch and subtle characteristics. We have our very own techniques of delicately finishing our fabrics with a soft and easy care process without harsh and quality depreciating iron treatments.

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